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David Meunier and Kurt Russell - separated at birth? (Actually more like father and son considering the 21 year age difference.) [Screencaps of Meunier from “The Bridge”]



Remarkably Made Monday 

Indoor by Elisa Cavani is a street door, a table, and a studio desk. I love how Elisa merges old and abandoned things together with recycled materials to create and reinvent beautiful objects.

[  I really like the idea that in every object is held somebody’s life.

All her pieces are totally unique and one-offs. Check her Il Fausto Tricycle Lamp as well, genius! 

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Swing Seat collaboration by Fritz Hansen & Louis Vuitton. Series 7 swing seat prototype after Arne Jacobsen (2005), one-of-a-kind model created for Fritz Hansen auctioned for $18,000, with proceeds from the sale donated to the Danish AIDS Foundation via

I love this!  Now someone just needs to invent an adult version of those hang-in-the-doorway jumping harnesses that every baby loves. [Note: As I wrote that sentence I realized how stupid (and unflatteringly kinky) an adult would look in one of those and that one would need to attach it to a two-story doorway or at least a very tall ceiling. Still, I can’t help but feel a little jealous whenever I see a toddler deliriously happy being able to defy gravity. ;> ]

I want this - and everything else Pony Brown! Korean stationery rocks!!

I want this - and everything else Pony Brown! Korean stationery rocks!!

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Amazing work by Stephan Fowlkes!

Amazing work by Stephan Fowlkes!

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